5-Star Dining Experience

How to have a 5 star dining experience at home without cooking!

By: Michelle Lockwood

One of my favorite “dating” memories of my husband is our very first date. Sitting across from each other at a restaurant, romantic dinner by candlelight, and a conversation so deep that I honestly couldn’t tell you about anything else that was happening all around us.

 Moments like those just don’t happen anymore. We have children. Enough said.

Some nights I sit at the dinner table, listening to the usual “this is yucky”, wishing desperately to somehow get that magical experience back, just for one night. But the reality is that neither of us have relatives close enough to come on over and watch the children for a few quick hours. Babysitters are an option, but let’s face it, unless it’s for a super special occasion, the cost of a sitter can sometimes exceed the cost of dinner out.

I sob to myself “Why oh why can’t we just have a personal chef???????????”

And that’s exactly what we did last Saturday! It was divine!

As our children snuggled into our bed watching a movie till bedtime, and hubby & I participated in GROWN UP CONVERSATION with friends while a personal chef worked her magic in my kitchen.

How to create a Romantic 5-Star Dining Experience at Home

Chef Wendy prepared for us…..

  • An appetizer of pan seared scallops served with a lightly curried cauliflower puree topped by garlic sprayed layered eggplant/potato squares
  • Her TOP SECRET Lasagna piled high with 7 different cheeses and a blend of 3 meats and homemade sauce
  • A small salad of baby muslin mix tossed in a homemade dressing of herbs and sun dried tomatoes
  • The dessert made our eyes bug out. Deep fried Ice Cream served with a warm compote of Apples, Peaches, Pears and Plums with a few cranberries thrown in for a bit of tartness to contrast the sweetness, and of course, that was topped with a few fresh blueberries.

Being able to sit and enjoy my STILL WARM dinner without having to jump up and run to the kitchen was a very special treat. And clean-up? Taken care of. Chef Wendy washed dishes, wiped down stove and counters, and had everything disinfected by the time we were finished our last scoop of ice-cream.

 The food preparation was at par with any 5-Star restaurant I’ve been to. The cost was impressively affordable. The comfort of being in my own home, knowing my children were tucked into bed safely, and being able to share that extra glass of wine with no worries of who is going to drive home….absolutely priceless.

I would like to note that at first, hubby was honestly not very keen on the whole idea. Being waited on in our own home made him feel uncomfortable. However, Chef Wendy was very personable while being professional, and the next day my husband’s first words were “I wonder if she put any leftovers in the fridge!”

If you are in the GTA, and would like to add a very personal and special touch to an event (small or large), consider a personal chef. If you contact Chef Wendy, tell her that Michelle the Passion Diva sent you!

Michelle LockwoodMichelle is a Passion Parties Independent Consultant, suburban housewife and mother of 2. “I fill my weekdays with playdates, library visits, grocery shopping, laundry, learningABCs, potty training and more. However, on the weekends, that is my time to slip into my sassy jeans, put on some mascara, and turn into a PASSION DIVA. Every weekend I walk into the living rooms of other women and spend 1.5 hours sharing all of the fabulous & exciting ways that they can enhance the passion in their relationships in a fun & educational format.” For more information on PARTY BOOKINGS, BECOMING A CONSULTANTor to SHOP ONLINE visit www.mishlockwood.com Follow Michelle on Twitter

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