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Sara HodgeMy name is Sara and I created this website to bring local parents together. It all started in 2009 when, after careful research and polling of local parents, I discovered my area needed a support network for moms. In February of 2010 when I first launched the site, it was dedicated solely to the Halton area. As the site grew and became popular, I started getting inquiries from other cities as to when it would be expanding, so I took the idea seriously!

After doing some research to see what other areas needed attention, I discovered many surrounding areas could also benefit from what my (once) little site had to offer. And thus, the expanded version of Mums ‘n Chums was born! In the summer of 2011, I grew the site to serve the entire north end of the GTA, and yet again was approached by parents in additional GTA cities, asking about expanding further, and so we have! Mums ‘n Chums now proudly serves all parents in the Greater Toronto Area.

Since the first year, I have made several big changes to Mums ‘n Chums, which had originally been tailored for a small audience.  I have turned our focus to the more popular elements of the site: the blog, and our fabulous contests! I invite you to get to know all of our talented new blog contributors and visit our new dedicated section just for contests.

I hope you’ll also get to know Mums ‘n Chums and use it often for valuable resources, amazing contests from trusted brands, and updates on fun events. Whether your kids are newborns, teens, or anywhere in between, I want you to find the site helpful. Being a parent is a challenge at any stage, and we need all the support we can get!


Mums n Chums is all about you!

That means if you have something to tell us, we value your feedback. Whether you want to suggest a link, submit a blog article or ask a question, be sure to contact us!


Guest Speaking:

Sara Hodge is passionate about supporting parents, creating social / support communities, blogging and social media. Looking for a genuine, knowledgeable guest speaker for your next workshop or event? Contact Sara today by sending an inquiry HERE


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