Every Girl’s Dream

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“Oh maaaaan, that was fun!”: Teca Cameron

The Way We Were Consignment store Georgetown Imagine spending 3 fun-filled hours shopping at The Way We Werea store filled with fabulous brand name new and consignment clothing. Then imagine havingImage Consultant / Stylist Teca Cameron with you to help choose the most stylish (and comfortable!) outfits for your body type. Throw in some Naturally Beautiful Photography , sexy hair accessories by Sassy Sweet Pea and a deal that allows you to take your new duds and accessories home to keep and that, my friend, is a darned fun way to spend a Friday night!

Seeing as I’ll be representing Mums ‘n Chums at the two day Blissdom Canada Conference, and have nothing decent to wear, (unless faded hoodies and “mom” jeans are in style?) it couldn’t have been better timing.

The Blissdom conference events include several evening parties and two days of sessions featuring some amazing keynote speakers. Attendees are amazing too, which is the reason I feel compelled to wear something other than what is hanging, pilly and tired, in my closet. But coming up with appropriate clothes, shoes, accessories, and outerwear is not usually cheap. It’s also not easy, seeing as I haven’t done much wardrobe shopping since before my son came along . My body is not what it used to be, and neither is my personal style. I was doomed to fail!

The Way We Were Consignment store GeorgetownEnter the stylish Valerie Leachman (left), owner of The Way We Were– a store indowntown Georgetown which I have enjoyed shopping in many times. (Check out what they sell here ). I approached Valerie a couple of weeks ago with the idea of a clothing sponsorship and she was just as excited as I was! We set up a date, I called Teca, Jen and Keri and our Friday night style event was born!

And oh, how fun it was.

Teca CameronFirst of all, Teca Cameron (at right) is a magician. I watched in amazement while Jen Gilbert of Naturally Beautiful Photographyfollowed her around the shop, plucking gorgeous dresses and insanely sexy shoes for me to try on. One by one, we decided yay or nay as each item was tried on and modeled. Sadly, my favourite dress, a stunning ‘bebe’ cocktail number, was too small but we found some perfect alternatives.
Photo credit: Naturally Beautiful Photography.

Clothing hanging on a rackAfter that, it was on to the day wear. Again, Teca worked wonders, carefully choosing statement pieces to compliment (and camouflage) my schlumpy body. She even managed to do some personal shopping for herself while I was trying things on! We finished with accessories, which of course are the most fun, and came up with some great looks to pull each outfit together. One funky Calvin Klein trench was thrown into the mix and voila! My first ever successful shopping spree!
Photo credit: Naturally Beautiful Photography

Every Girl's DreamBlissdom, here I come!!!! Success is leaving a great store with full shopping bags!
Heartfelt gratitude and kudos to:

Valerie Leachman, Owner, The Way We Were for generously providing my Mums ‘n Chums Blissdom wardrobe, for offering style advice, helping us find all of the items I tried on and for graciously offering to stay late so we wouldn’t be rushed (I think she had just as much fun as we did!).

Teca Cameron, Lead Stylist, Teca Cameron Image Management Agency for coordinating my Blissdom wardrobe, finding all the right pieces, and for just being fabulous in general!

Jennifer Gilbert, Photographer, Naturally Beautiful Photography for fantastic photos taken at the shop, and for moral support while I tried things on.

Keri Kitto-Fast, Designer/Creator of amazing hair accessories (not just for kids!), Sassy Sweet Pea for supplying coordinating hair accessories for my two party outfits (photos to come).


More pics!

Bebe dress at The Way We Were consignment store in GeorgetownThe bebe cocktail dress I sadly had to leave behind (thanks to my mummy tummy!) Photo credit: Naturally Beautiful Photography


Every Girl's DreamMy Robin Jordan cocktail dress with Anne Klein shoes. Photo credit: Naturally Beautiful Photography


The Way We Were Consignment Store GeorgetownA look inside The Way We Were (they have a fabulous selection of accessories!) Photo credit: The Way We Were


Teca CameronTeca Cameron, hard at work finding me some hot outfits (and some for her too- she ended up buying that jacket!) Photo credit: Naturally Beautiful Photography


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