Fall Activities for the Family

Fall Activities for the Family www.mumsnchums.com

Welcome to Fall!

This is a perfect time to get out there and do some fun activities with your family; not too hot, not too cold and so many beautiful sights to take in and enjoy!

It’s no wonder we’ve been inspired to share another list full of fun and affordable family activities for fall!

Fall Activities for the Family www.mumsnchums.com

In addition to the 10 awesome ideas provided in Deb Lowther’s post Fall Family Fun: 10 Ideas to Take it Outside, we have another 10 simple and fun ideas for your family this year. We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments, so please let us know what your favourites are!

1. Make your own nature book to keep and study later: Does your family enjoy going on long walks, bike rides or hikes during the fall season? Next time you go, encourage your kiddos to seek out interesting nature items along the way, and get closeup photos of them. Pretty fall leaves, cool-looking rocks, acorns, bugs and moss all make for cool closeup pics you can get. Examining the items you find sparks curiosity and makes for some great impromptu teaching moments. Compile your nature photos into a photo book that you and your kids can look through and enjoy for years to come. Great lessons and great memories, all from a simple walk! Bonus tip: If you do this every year, you can create a full series documenting a tradition of family fall walks and special finds, sure to be a treasure when they’re all grown up.

2. Fall “treasure” hunt: Try the old-fashioned version of the geocaching craze and make a simple list to take with you the next time you have a family hike. Add “treasures” (things you are highly likely to find) to the list for your kids to seek out once you get there. If your children aren’t able to read yet, use pictures on your list instead and help them find the items they’re searching for. It’s always a fun sense of accomplishment to find and cross items off the list, and another great activity to spark interest in nature.

3. Visit a farm: There are countless fantastic farms across the GTA which are open to the public and many include a variety of fall activities such as hayrides, games, apple picking, petting zoos, play areas and more. Find one nearby or take a scenic country drive to one that is off the beaten path for a day of fall fun the whole family can get into.

4. Go country: Speaking of scenic country drives, they are often the best way to discover and enjoy hidden gems like small town mom-and-pop bakeries, orchard tours, antique stores, scenic paths, interesting museums, shops and roadside pumpkin patches. Take a weekend drive to the country, and explore a new town for an afternoon. Be sure to pick up a fresh baked pie while you’re there, too!

5. Bake up some delicious pumpkin seeds: A yummy fall tradition that kids get a giggle from– scrape out the goo from one of your country pumpkin patch finds and make our Pumpkin Pie-Inspired Roasted Pumpkin Seeds recipe for a yummy fall snack.

6. Hungry from all that exploring? Pick up and enjoy some seasonal treats to add to your meals: Check out Deb Lowther’s list of 10 Fall Foods Your Family Should Try for some yummy fall goodness that will add variety to your meal planning repertoire. Get the kids involved in helping you prepare them and make it a family effort.

7. Decorate your home for fall: Rainy Sunday afternoon with no plans? Enlist the kiddos to help you decorate by creating some fall crafts they can display around the house. Visit a craft store or use items you’ve found outside. Not sure what to make? Check out our fall crafts Pin board for inspiration!

8. Don’t forget the library: Many local libraries run great fall-themed programs for kids, and it’s easy to forget we have these awesome and usually free resources right in our own communities! While you’re there, browse the kids section for seasonal books you can borrow and enjoy when you get home. There’s not much better than cozying up with a great book on a chilly day!

9. Last call for the farmer’s market: Does your community host a weekly farmer’s market? Many farmer’s markets run through to mid-October, so this will be your last chance to check out the bounty they offer so close to home. If it’s held near local shops and restaurants, you have a great opportunity not only to pick up some fresh and local foods, but also to enjoy all that your community’s shops have to offer while you’re there. Take the kids to a local bakery for fresh baked cookies or apple cider and enjoy a stroll down the sidewalk to check out the shops. Don’t forget to pick up some of those fall foods from tip #6!

10. Garden together: Who likes getting their hands dirty more than kids do? If you’re headed out to the yard to harvest the last of your veggies, plant bulbs for spring or to winterize your yard, why not turn it into a family activity? Letting your kids help in the garden provides another fantastic teaching opportunity as they learn about how flowers grow, how weather affects plants, how seeds work and where some of their food comes from.

We hope you enjoyed these fun tips for family fun! Which of them are your favourites, or what did we miss? Let us know in the comments! Happy Fall!

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Fall Activities for the Family www.mumsnchums.com

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