Holiday Dessert Moments with Kraft Canada!

Rocky Ridge Chocolate Bark

When Kraft Canada asks if you’d like to test out some of their yummiest holiday recipes, it’s kind of a no-brainer!

Talk about fun! We were contacted recently by Kraft Canada about doing a review on some delicious and easy recipes for the holiday season, and it ended up being one of the best times we have ever had doing a review, especially considering it was a Monday morning!

When I heard about the review I contacted Mums ‘n Chums contributor Michelle Lockwood (a.k.a. “Passion Diva”) to see if she might like to help. Michelle is a blast to work with and I knew we would have a great time making yummy Kraft goodies in the kitchen together. Michelle even graciously offered to host the tasting… er, I mean testing, in her own beautiful kitchen.

Holiday Dessert Moments with Kraft Canada!What Kraft Canada might not have realized is this: neither Michelle or I are bake-from-scratch kind of mamas. Admittedly, as fun as we knew this would be, we were a bit intimidated by the idea of having to try making these treats ourselves. But knowing Kraft, we also knew to expect delicious AND easy.

And by delicious and easy, I mean crazy delicious and ridiculously easy. I mean THE. Yummiest. Treats. EVER.

Here’s what we made (click the links to see the full recipes):

Rocky Ridge Bark – (see main photo at the top of this article) A delectable bark made with melted Baker’s chocolate, mini marshmallows, peanuts and chopped Oreo cookies. Super easy. It took us under 10 minutes to prepare this and once we had the mixture in the pan, we just had to pop it in the freezer to harden. That took about 15 or 20 minutes and they were ready to enjoy. Voila!

Holiday Dessert Moments with Kraft Canada!Two Layer Cookie Crunch Fudge Again, delicious and easy, although this one was the most time consuming at about 15 minutes of prep time. Ours didn’t turn out well but it was our own fault as we had to substitute the sweetened condensed milk that the recipe called for (we didn’t have any!). It still tasted great but didn’t look like the photo on the recipe page. We also substituted almonds for peanuts and quite enjoyed it with that combination. This recipe is also very easy and once the bars are prepared, you just pop them in the fridge for a couple of hours.

Salted Chocolate Covered Caramels (see image below) SO good. This was by far the easiest recipe I have ever tried and wow, are these things addictive. I’d call this one a must try. It took us less than 10 minutes to prepare them, and then another 10 or so in the freezer and done. They look very impressive when finished and would make an ideal cocktail party dessert, or a great (and super affordable!) gift for anyone who loves chocolate. One word of warning- they are better without the toothpicks! Michelle and I got a bit carried away with all the fun we were having and neglected to remove the picks before freezing our caramels (like I said, we’re not exactly bakers). Anyway, once frozen of course, we weren’t able to remove them. Ooops. Luckily it was just us enjoying them, but I wouldn’t give them to kids this way. The treats were still delicious, though. I made them again (properly!) when I got home and discovered that using two toothpicks (one in each hand) is a great system for these. Stick one into the caramel to dip in the chocolate, set the coated caramel down on the pan then use the other pick to help push down on it while you’re pulling the first pick out. The melted chocolate quickly covers up any trace of a hole left by the pick and looks perfect, and even better when you sprinkle the coarse salt on top.

Salted Chocolate Covered Caramels

Not only are these creations a treat to eat and to share, they’re also a treat to make because they require very little time and effort. So, next time you want to feel like a culinary diva, rock these recipes and give them as decadent gifts. Nobody has to know how easy it was, thanks to a little help from Kraft!

Want to see more super easy and delicious edible gift recipes? Be sure to check out the whole series right here in Kraft Canada’s Desserts section

Special thanks to Michelle Lockwood for her assistance and the use of her gorgeous kitchen for this review!


Mums ‘n Chums review policy: Mums ‘n Chums recieved product samples from Kraft Canada for the purpose of this review, however we are in no way obligated to report on any product that we dislike or feel would not be of interest and / or benefit to our valued readers. Products we choose to post reviews on are ones we have enjoyed, approved and deemed appropriate for our audience.


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