Just In Time for Mother’s Day!

Mother's Day

As many of Mums ‘n Chums readers came to know, I took a hiatus from running the site for a while, and have now recently returned and re-vamped the site to give it a fresh new look. It’s a timely change, and I feel it also kind of represents the fresh new feel I have after my break, which was much needed despite how much I have always loved this work and how meaningful it became for me and thankfully for many others.

As longtime readers also already know, and as new readers will come to see, I am also (and always have been) a huge proponent of the importance of self care for women in general, but especially moms. I needed my hiatus to take care of myself, and felt it would be disingenuous for me to continue running Mums ‘n Chums during a time when I was struggling to rebound from a depression and the resulting uncertainty about whether or not to pick this up again, after more or less abandoning it for a time.

Could I pick up where I left off? Would my colleagues in the blogging world (who now seem miles ahead of me on their success journeys) still take me seriously? Would my fans still be interested after all this time? Would brands still want to work with me and resume all of the awesomeness we had going here before I took my time away? I really wasn’t sure.  But for the first time in a long time, I was sure of something: I wanted to make this work. Not just for me, but for all the moms who have told me they come here for info, inspiration, laughs and support.

So, last fall I set to work on a revival plan. I started re-engaging in blogging and social media groups and events and realized just how much I had missed them. I spoke to colleagues, received coaching, sought advice and re-established old connections. Once I had a game plan, I eagerly got to work, which was to include a facelift for the site and a switch to a new platform. I didn’t intend on that switch taking 4 months, but migrating 7 years worth of website content manually is no small feat.

Right about now you’re starting to think, “Cool. Nice. But… what does any of this have to do with Mother’s Day?”.

Well… pretty much everything.

In those 4 months of migrating old Mums ‘n Chums articles, images, reviews, and memories, I fell in love again with the reason I started this site in the first place: to celebrate motherhood. I laughed my head off at all of the hilarious posts by Kathy Buckworth, and cried at ones like this and this. I got to re-live some incredible moments we had at some of our previous group events like this and this, and was reminded of why I love working with so many fabulous brands. We have something good going here, and there’s no way I want to let that end.

As a part of the re-launch effort, I recently hosted a booth at the Spring Babytime Show. There I got to meet face-to-face with thousands of the very moms this site is intended to serve. It was, as it always has been, an exciting experience for me to really get to see and chat with other mamas (and dads, too), some expecting their first and others with very full hands managing a large family. I met a young mom with newborn triplets and one who has several adopted children and is now also expecting after a long struggle with infertility. I met tons of super adorable babies and talked to countless sweet and funny toddlers. Every mom I talked to expressed a need for more support and resources. A need to meet, share, read, learn and get support. As moms, those are things we can appreciate at any stage.

The sole intention of Mums ‘n Chums is has always been to support moms on their parenting journeys, right from the start. I look very forward to continuing to do that now, and wish to thank you for being here and reading. As always, this site is all about you, and I will do my best to bring you more of the valuable stuff we became so well known for in the past. I also wish to thank YOU for supporting me on my own journey as well. For the kind messages and supportive friends welcoming me back to the fold. If the site didn’t have faithful fans, there would be no point in continuing, and I am grateful you are here with me.

So, what’s coming up? Here’s a look, mama! Watch out for:

  • Site touch-ups – though we are now “live” on our new platform with our new look, we’re not finished tweaking some of the final growing pains that came with the move. As a result, not all of our pages are up and running yet, some of our site features and images may temporarily look a bit wonky, and our contributor bios are not quite ready. It’s alllllll in the works.
  • Recipes! – As part of the touch-ups mentioned above, we’re in the process of creating printable recipe cards for all of our previously posted food blogs! Some are up and ready to print now, and the rest are in the queue! We hope this will make it easier for you to try out these super simple and yummy treats!
  • CONTESTS! Mums ‘n Chums had become known for its many amazing contests, including giveaways for strollers, stand mixers, beauty product prize packs and way more. We look forward to bringing you some new ones soon, keep an eye on the contests page for what’s next.
  • Contributor comebacks – We are incredibly grateful to have our previous contributors back on board and ready to wow you again with their helpful, fun value packed posts. Very excited to share their latest and it’s all coming soon- watch the blog for details.
  • New GTA events! – You asked, and now there are some in the works! We’ll let you know about them soon.
  • Facebook group! – Were you with us waaaaaay back in the day, when we originally had forums on the site? One of the biggest pieces of feedback I got at Babytime was a desire to re-create the old Mums ‘n Chums chat community, and since you’ve asked, a new group will be launching soon. Be sure to join us on our Facebook page for updates!





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I founded Mums 'n Chums in 2009 after realizing that the area I live in was drastically underserviced as compared to surrounding areas for support and activities for growing families. Mums 'n Chums grew popular very quickly and I have been dedicated to nurturing that growth through frequent networking, social media engagement and in person meetups. By the end of its first year, Mums 'n Chums had close to 500 members and was receiving regular inquiries from fans outside of its service area, asking when we would be expanding to serve them as well. After much careful research and polling, I expanded the site in May of 2011 to cover the entire North end of the GTA (from Cambridge to Markham), areas I believe are still receiving far less attention than they deserve from other sites and family services. We also changed the focus from small scale local mom and tot meetups to more of an informative purpose, closing down our forum and adding several talented contributors to the blog. We do still offer several large scale family events per year, such as our popular Birthday Bash events and our Holiday Bash in December. Our contests have also become a member favourite, and we strive to offer amazing prizes from trusted brands like Babies R Us, La Roche Posay, Johnson's Baby and many more. In March of 2016, after months of work spent migrating all of the site's content to a new platform, Mums 'n Chums re-launched with its fresh, new look. The changes and expansion have proven a great success and we're still getting inquiries from several other cities within the Greater Toronto Area, whom we have decided to serve as well. I have built this site and its' reputation carefully and look forward to continuing its growth!