Nerf MEGA Mastodon Blaster Review and Video!

Nerf MEGA Mastodon Blaster Toy Review on Mums 'n Chums

We had the perfect kid tester in mind to review the Nerf MEGA Mastodon Blaster from Hasbro, and he was more than happy to oblige!

Check out our test firing video below to see (and hear) for yourself! 

If you’ll pardon the pun, we had an absolute blast testing this toy, and can’t wait to tell you all about it. If there’s a kiddo in your life hoping to play with one of these, there’s a lot you need to know because it’s definitely not just an ordinary blaster! In fact, the Mastodon Blaster was the perfect choice for our review because there’s a lot we wouldn’t have known about it if we hadn’t tried it out, and now we can pass that info over to you.

Nerf MEGA Mastodon Blaster Review and Giveaway on Mums 'n Chums

Our unboxing of the blaster revealed some pleasant surprises, notably a product that requires zero tools to put together, and which went together quickly with very little fumbling (some minor assembly work is required). I have to admit that upon peeking inside the box before taking the blaster out, I was worried when I saw some separate pieces, but the Mastodon blaster assembles fairly easily.

Nerf MEGA Mastodon Blaster Review and Giveaway on Mums 'n Chums

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Some facts and thoughts about the MEGA Mastodon blaster:

This is not your ordinary blaster for many reasons, and the price is one of them. A Nerf MEGA Mastodon blaster retails in Canada anywhere between $99 and $119.99; a much heftier price than what we would normally pay for a toy. With that in mind, one of the main things I wanted to know is whether or not it would be worth it. For me, the biggest factor in trying to justify price is how much use the toy will get. If my kids thoroughly enjoy the toy and use it daily, and the toy’s quality is such that daily use doesn’t kill it, I am willing to consider. But I still want to know what else we’ll be getting for the money, and so this review was a great way to find out! So, what’s in the box?

Here’s what you get inside:

  • Motorized blaster
  • 24-dart drum
  • drum cage
  • 2 drum covers
  • handle, strap
  • 24 MEGA Whistler darts
  • instructions

Here’s what is NOT included:

  • 6 x “D” batteries (eek! When I heard this I was wondering how loud it was going to be!)

Once we had the Mastodon out of the box, we were ready to test it out! Before trying it, I was assuming a few things, namely:

  • it was probably going to be super loud
  • our 9 year old kid tester might not be able to handle it (it’s quite big a fairly heavy if you don’t wear the strap)
  • the darts were probably going to jam up as the drum is turning
  • the darts would likely not really travel 100 feet, as the box claims

Nerf MEGA Mastodon Blaster Review and Giveaway on Mums 'n Chums

Luckily, we have plenty of space to test that distance theory, and we got to work setting up a little mini test firing range to give it a try. The day we tested was fairly windy, but despite that, the darts actually did travel quite a distance, and while we weren’t able to measure how far (the only tape measure we had maxes out at 30 feet, and they went waaaay beyond that!), I would say the box claim is at least close.

Check out this test firing video (with kid review!) we made to see for yourself!

Here are some key takeaways we learned from testing out the Nerf MEGA Mastodon Blaster:

  1. While the blaster is huuuge in comparison to our other Nerf MEGA blasters at home, it wasn’t as hard to manage as I was expecting. It does look a bit too big for a kid to carry around, but the strap helps a lot with the weight and our kid tester assured me it wasn’t too much for him. It also has a carry handle on the top so a child can hold it with both hands, and that also helped our 9 year old tester feel comfortable with it.
  2. The darts shoot out quite rapidly, and the average time it took (continuous shooting) to empty the drum (24 darts) was only 7 seconds!
  3. We were surprised to get good accuracy when shooting at our targets despite our test day weather being windy. In fact, this might have been the biggest surprise for me. The darts are lightweight foam material, which I was totally expecting to get caught up in the wind and go off course. In fact they continued on toward the targets, hitting them or coming close, each time.
  4. The Mastodon is not as loud as I was expecting it to be, and actually the sound it makes before shooting is basically just a low hum. It does get louder once you begin firing the darts (see our video above to hear it for yourself), but still not as loud as I thought it was going to be with all those D batteries in there!
  5. This blaster is definitely not appropriate for younger kids (the box says 8 and up and I would agree with that) due to the weight. It would simply be too heavy for a younger child to try to manage.
  6. Most surprisingly (because many toys of this size tend to), the Mastodon blaster does not appear to “eat” batteries. We have been playing with ours almost daily for 3 weeks now, and the batteries are still going strong. Considering the blaster is has a rapid fire, motorized drum, I found that one of its most impressive features.

Final thoughts:

If you have a kiddo who is hoping for one of these blasters, I would say definitely not if they are under 8, but if they are 8+ and can handle a bigger blaster, they will enjoy using this one. I have a 5 year old desperate to play with it but he struggles to hold it up. For him, we set it up on the ground so he doesn’t have to carry it, but it takes away some of the fun when outside Nerf wars are going on! Our Mastodon is getting a lot of use and a lot of attention from neighbourhood kids who all love taking turns with it (as well and some of the parents!). 

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Nerf MEGA Mastodon Blaster Review and Giveaway on Mums 'n Chums


Do your kids love Nerf blasters? What do YOU think about the Mastodon? Please let us know your thoughts in the comments below!


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Nerf MEGA Mastodon Blaster review video and giveaway on Mums ‘n Chums!


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