#PGMom: Always Infinity and Radiant Infinity Review

Always Infinity and Radiant Infinity Review

You know you’re a blogger when a test kit for maxi pads comes in the mail and you’re super excited to experiment with it! Such was the case for me when I recieved the kit from P&G to test out the absorbency of Always Infinity pads!

Having used Always products since I was a teen, I am very familiar with the quality of protection they offer and have enjoyed all of the new innovations they have brought to the market over the years. The most noticeable of those new innovations has dependably been the introduction of thinner, more lightweight pads that, while getting less substantial, still manage to provide that standard of protection that women like me have come to love.

I had my first period at age 13, and at that time Always pads were much bigger than they are now, at about ½ inch in thickness. Back then I loved them not only for their absorbency but also for the discreet packaging – nothing is more embarassing as a teen than to have your friends discover that you’re (gasp!) on your period!

It wasn’t long after that when Always introduced some thinner pads that also included their famous (and ingenious!) “wings” – definitely a handy feature that again adds not only to the feeling of great period protection but also the security of knowing you’re less likely to have an embarassing leak. Again, especially as a teen, this was a much appreciated feature.

When Always introduced their Ultra Thin pads, I have to admit that despite being a loyal user, I was sceptical. How could they possibly still work when they were so much thinner? Although I’m sure countless hours of intense research was involved in bringing them to market, it was easy to look at one and be doubtful…

Always Infinity and Radiant Infinity Review









They’re barely there!

But, as in the past, I trusted that my favourite brand would stand up to expectations, and again I wasn’t disappointed.

Fast forward to 2012, when I was fortunate enough to become a part of the P&G Moms blogger outreach program.

As part of our introduction to numerous P&G products, we were given samples of new Always Infinity and Radiant Infinity pads to try. (FYI, Radiant Infinity pads are the same as Infinity but with fun, artful packaging and subtle, fresh scent). You would think I would know better by now than to doubt, but again I was sceptical. Actually? Very sceptical. And who wouldn’t be? These new pads are barely there, and the new panty liners are, quite literally, paper thin!

Again, knowing the brand well enough to trust it meant I was willing to try them out. If you didn’t think Always could bring an even thinner pad to the market (which again is still able to withstand the flow of an average period), guess again. I was shocked to be honest.

The new Infinity and Radiant Infinity pads are ultra absorbent.

They are also both comfortable, ultra discreet and easy to use with new directional arrows to help ensure they are placed in the perfect spot for maximum protection. Awesome! Anything that can make my day run smoother when I’m on my period is much appreciated, and these products deliver.

I have noticed that the new Infinity line of products is in stores, but the older Ultra Thin pads are also still available.It’s great to see both options for women who, like me, might feel sceptical and decide to choose the more familiar pad instead. After all, forgoing dependable protection for something that seems questionable is a huge risk if you happen to like keeping your period discreet. But having tried both Infinity and Radiant Infinity myself, I can say with confidence the level of protection for both is just as great as with all previous Always products. I can also say they will be my new go-to pads for the days when protection and comfort are needed most!

Putting Always Infinity to the Test

Here comes the fun part- testing out the absorbency of these Infinity pads vs. that of older, thicker pads on the market. In this test, I have used an Always Infinity pad and an Always thick maxi pad, as shown in figure 1. and 2. in the diagram below.

I then cut the tops and wings off of each pad to expose only the core for each one (see figure 3.). Once those were gone, I also removed the top layer and the plastic backing on each pad core (figure 4.) and then got out the “blue water” that you see in the commercials (just warm tap water with blue food colouring in it!).

5 images showing a water test on Always Infinity productsI used a dropper to place 30 drops of blue water on each pad in order to test its absorbency. And just to add a little riskiness to the operation, I did all of this on my (easily stainable) white laminate kitchen countertop!

Can you guess what the results were? Head on over to our YouTube page to see a super short video of the actual test.

What do you think? Were you surprised by the results?

This product review was done by Sara Hodge as part of our P&G Moms blogging program. Products for review are supplied to Mums ‘n Chums by P&G for the purpose of such reviews and we have recieved no monetary compensation for writing them. The views and opinions stated in ALL Mums ‘n Chums product reviews are strictly our own and we are under to obligation to provide favourable opinions for P&G (or any other brand.)

 Stay tuned for details of more upcoming product test experiences and be sure to send us your questions! Is there a P&G product you’re curious about? Have questions about a P&G product? Let us know in the comments below and we’ll do our best to get you the answer!


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