#PGMom: Online Shopping With Walmart.ca

#PGMom: Online Shopping With Walmart.ca

If you head straight to Walmart when it’s time to stock up on your favourite P&G products, you’re going to love the ease of shopping for them online at Walmart.ca !

As part of the #PGMom blogging program, we’re always thrilled to get more good news about P&G products. And what could be better news for a busy parent than hearing how easy it is to get your P&G favourites online at Walmart.ca!

We recently took a challenge from P&G and Walmart Canada to see how easy it was to buy some products online.

If you already shop online, you know the ease and convenience of being able to get what you need without the hassle of having to schlep out to the store, especially when you’ve got kids in tow. It’s handy for getting clothing, books, gadgets and gifts, but have you ever considered doing it for your household essentials? Doing your Walmart shopping online, especially in summer (let’s face it, we’d rather be at the beach!) makes is easy and hassle free to stock up on your favourite products- saving you more time to do the important things!

Placing an order is easy:

1. Go to Walmart.ca to begin shopping! If you have a few minutes, be sure to check out the online version of the store flyer- found at the top right of your screen!

#PGMom: Online Shopping With Walmart.ca

The site is easy to navigate and there are several options on the home page to help you begin your search. (We clicked on Health & Beauty and narrowed it down by typing “Venus Razors” into the search box).

#PGMom: Online Shopping With Walmart.ca

Here are some of the options that came up (shown above). Browsing through them and finding the right one is just as simple as being in the actual razor aisle at the store.

#PGMom: Online Shopping With Walmart.ca

After selecting the item you want, you get a more detailed look at it before adding it to your cart. We couldn’t resist ordering these Sugarberry scented Venus & Olay razors !

#PGMom: Online Shopping With Walmart.ca

We found it fun to browse around the site looking for “rollbacks” and other great deals, just like in the actual store. Check out this Super Pack of Cruisers on for an awesome price- we added those, too (love the easy-to-use sizing dropdown on this page).

Also? How handy is it (especially if your babe is a newborn) to NOT have to run to the store when you need more diapers? We’re thinking diapers shipped directly to the house would be awesome– also a thoughtful surprise gift idea if you know someone who just had a baby.

#PGMom: Online Shopping With Walmart.ca

After adding a few more P&G essentials, it was time to check out. Walmart.ca’s checkout page is pretty standard and if you are accustomed to online shopping, you’ll find it similar to other sites. If you don’t shop online normally, you’ll find this online checkout easy and user friendly. At this point, you can adjust your quantities or add or delete items before you reach the actual checkout- if you’re a newbie, think of this as the point at which you’re standing in line, before the cashier has begun to scan your purchases. Once you’ve made any necessary changes, and you’re happy with your order, you can proceed.

#PGMom: Online Shopping With Walmart.ca

Once you’re ready to check out, you’ll be asked to sign in. If this is your first visit, you’ll need to quickly fill out a one-time customer information form to assist with the shipping of your purchases. (If you have questions or concerns about filling this out, there is a link with info to Walmart.ca’s privacy policy on the sign in page). Once you have signed in, you get a chance to review your shipping options- this is where they’ll tell you if your purchases qualify for free shipping. Many items on the site seem to, but it’s handy to have this feature so you can be sure.

After checking your shipping, you can proceed to the payment screen, where if it’s your first visit, you will again be required to enter some one-time credit card information. Again, this is common for most online checkouts. Once you enter that (assuming you want to use that same card for future purchases), you won’t have to do it again, unless you plan to use a different card. Once your payment info is in, you can move on to the next screen to confirm your order. Depending on where you live it may take 3-5 days to ship, according to the website. You’ll get a confirmation number and the option to print your receipt at this point also. Save that confirmation in case you have to track your order- to do so, just click “Track Your Order” under the Help menu at bottom right.

While you’re still signed in, be sure to check out Walmart.ca’s handy “lists” feature, found at the top right beside the checkout button. Use it to create different shopping lists for holidays, birthdays and other occasions. Your lists will be stored with your profile so you can access them whenever you sign in.

We can’t wait to get our P&G products from Walmart.ca! What day to day essentials would you order online? Let us know in the comments!

This product review is part of our participation in the P&G Moms blogging program. Products for review are supplied to Mums ‘n Chums by P&G for the purpose of such reviews and in some cases we have received monetary compensation for participating. However, the views and opinions stated in ALL Mums ‘n Chums product reviews are strictly our own and we are under no obligation to provide favourable opinions for P&G, Walmart, Walmart Canada (or any other brand.)



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