#PGMom: Summertime Cleanup with Bounty Duratowel!

Bounty Duratowel Cleanup Challenge

How many swipes do you think it took to get my dirt-covered outdoor dining table this shiny?

Despite the fact that we have a great spot for summer evening gatherings out on our screened-in back porch, there hasn’t been much opportunity to eat out there yet. We’ve had a pretty rainy start to the summer, and my glass dining table has been exposed to the high winds, rain, debris and airborne dirt that the storms have kicked up.

Needless to say, when a decent evening finally rolled around recently, I was more than ready to sit out there and enjoy it.

And then, I noticed my table. Filthy, gross and covered in a filmy layer of dirt. The picture doesn’t really do it justice, but have a look at the images below to see what I mean.

Dirt outdoor table before being cleaned with Bounty Duratowel

From working with the P&G #PGMoms blogging program , I happened to have a new roll of Bounty Duratowels sitting on my desk, having just arrived a few days prior. I figured this would be a great time to put them to the test. I opened them up, grabbed my camera and took them out to my table, not sure what to expect.

I decided to use them one towel at a time so I could find out how many of them it would take to get that table spotless…

Image of a spray bottle filled with vinegar and a roll of Bounty Duratowels

Time to get that trusty old vinegar bottle out! I may or may not be somewhat obsessed with the stuff…

Dirty outdoor table before cleaning

I gave the table a generous, even all-over spray with the vinegar before wiping.

Dirty paper towel after wiping a dirty outdoor table with vinegar

Here’s a look at how my first Bounty DuraTowel looked after wiping the entire table once. I started at one end and wiped the table back and forth in even strokes until I reached the opposite end. I was impressed at how much dirt it picked up as I was wiping it. I did not go over the table a second time- this picture was taken after top-to-bottom swipe #1. Nice!

Photo of dirty paper towel after one swipe to clean a table

The table was already looking better, but it had several large wet streaks left. Instead of grabbing a second towel though, I first wanted to see if this one could do any more. I decided to fold it in half (shown above) and go over the tabletop a second time, top to bottom again exactly as I had before.

Dirty paper towel after wiping a dirty outdoor table

Here’s a look at that folded first towel after swipe #2. (above)

Holding up the dirty paper towel after using it

First towel finished!

My table was looking much cleaner, but not quite dry- I may have overdone it with the vinegar spraying. (Ask my husband about my vinegar bottle trigger finger- he’ll be more than happy to tell you all about it.) Anyway, the towel wasn’t even close to being soaking wet- at this point it had more of a damp feel to it. If it hadn’t been so covered in dirt, I might have gone for swipe #3 with it, but I was afraid the dirt might spread around. I chose to take a fresh, second towel to soak up the remaining vinegar.

Almost clean table after one paper towel is used

Here’s a look at that second towel after wiping up the remaining wetness. This is swipe #3. I expected it to be showing a lot more dirt than it did, but the first towel had already taken care of that. This towel didn’t need to be folded for a re-wipe, the table was dry!

Holding up a second towel after cleaning a dirty outdoor table

Here’s another look at the second towel (above) after swipe #3.

Clean table after using Bounty Duratowels

Et Voila! Just like that, my table was ready for company!

I have done this cleanup job many, many times and have always used (or perhaps a better word is wasted!) not one, but several WADS of paper towels, going over and over that table to get the dirt off, then again afterward to get the remaining residue, and then again to dry it off. Not only did the Bounty DuraTowels help me use less paper, but because I didn’t require multiple vinegar applications, it saved me on that, too. Saving time, hassle and money all in one shot? Yes, please!

Bounty Duratowels

How many paper towels do you use on your outdoor jobs? We’d love to know your thoughts and experiences- please feel free to share in the comments below!

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