Parenting on the Go: Winter Blahs

We have them in our house. It is that time of the winter where, frankly, we are just tired of the cold temperatures and all the snow. Oh the snow. Enough already.

You see, the problem is in our house we are not really into winter sports. We don’t ski, or snowboard and so to be honest don’t really have a love or a use for all this snow. My kids like to skate but I am not a great skater and don’t like to publicly embarrass myself at that level so I often opt out of that kind of winter fun. This winter has been exceptionally cold in Southern Ontario and that has really stopped us heading outside many days. By this time of the winter we are just done with it, and feeling a little blah. You know what I mean, right? We are tired of bundling up to head outdoors, choosing instead to stay toasty warm inside. Here is the problem though… I don’t want the kids to think just because we are inside they can turn on the TV and zone out. So what to do?

Here are just five things we do (and you can too!) with the kids to enjoy some quality time together while trying to shake off the winter blues

1. Story Time
There is nothing better than snuggling on the couch with a blanket and a good book. My girls are both old enough now to read chapter books on their own. It is fun to snuggle in with everyone reading their own books BUT even more fun when your kids can read to you! If your children aren’t old enough to do that then take the time and read to them. Sharing literature is so great and teaching your children a love of books is such a gift.

2. Game Night
I have a confession to make here. I don’t love board games BUT will play them with my kids. It is a great way to slow things down a little and spend time together. Of course, game night can also mean video game night in this house but I am not talking about the kind of games you get to sit down on the couch to play. Right now the hot game in our house is Just Dance. And let me tell you that game really gets you sweating. It is so fun to do as a family! And don’t worry if you can’t dance, it won’t be too embarrassing!

3. Movie Night
I am all for limiting the amount of time the kids are sitting in front of the television but I do love the opportunity for a family movie night. We pick a movie that everyone can agree on and then we get the popcorn popping and snuggle up with a blanket on the couch. It is a great way to get some quality cuddle time with your kids.

4. Indoor camping
We have had some great time doing this. We don’t own a tent so the kids have built more than their fair share of blanket tents and couch cushion forts. If you do have your own tent this a great way to get more use out of it! We load in the pillows, blankets, books and fun!

5. Crafting time
My oldest daughter is a serious crafter. She loves to sit around the table and craft. Right now the big craft is making clay charms. We have spent hours painting, drawing and hot gluing. I know that technically nail art isn’t really crafting but my kids seemed to have turned it into one… or should I say more of an art form than a craft! Craft time has been a great way to spend some quality girl time and talk while making some fun stuff.

The list of things to do indoors is endless. The important thing is to find something teveryone enjoys and to spend time together. And heck, if you do love the snow and cold weather get outside! No matter what the important thing is to spend quality time with your kids.

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